Why Doi Procrastinate And How Can Cbt And Talk Therapy Help

You know the scenario.

You'd like to give that speech at work, or church.  Or even at your best friend's wedding. But "somehow" you just can't.
You'd like to take that night class, to learn Japanese cooking, yoga, or painting. But 'somehow' you just don't.
Or you finally work up the courage to go on that dream vacation, but it never happens.

And to make matters worse, each time you fail to do something you want to accomplish, you could end up feeling worse about yourself.

Procrastination can take on many forms, but this article will focus on one major form. Fear.

Probably the most common reason we don't do something, is that underneath, or right out in plain sight, there's fear.  Fear is a powerful emotion. And it can stop us. In fact, it can stop us so well, that often we don't even know we are fearful. Tricky, isn't it?

What are some of these fears?

Fear that you won't do it well enough.
Fear that you'll do it too well.
Fear that it won't be perfect.
Fear that others are better than you.
…That you'll fail.
…That you'll go broke.
….That your family won't like it.
… That you're not good enough.
Or Fear that you'll be laughed at.

Fears can take on an infinite number of forms.
Often, we don't even know we're scared of doing something.  We just,'somehow', don't get to do it.

In therapy, we can find out what your fears are, and then help you find more constructive ways of handling them. Talk therapy helps the exploration, and CBT, also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, gives you techniques to find better solutions.

So next time you'd like to toast Dear Uncle Ben's 95th birthday, you might really be able to do it. And instead of feeling bad about yourself, you could end up smiling.

For an explanation of CBT, please see my blog called article called "What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?" .
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