What Exactly Are Relaxation Techniques And Why Do We Need Them

Everyone gets stressed, so everyone can benefit from relaxation.  But for people who are more anxiety prone, knowing how to relax is one of the cornerstones of healing.  And it can be a game changer.

Simply put, Relaxation Techniques are ways to bring us more peace and calm, even when we’re feeling stressed.  There are formal traditional techniques, and there are simple and quick ways to relax. Both are beneficial. And both come from within us.

In an article by Harvard Health Publishing, a division of Harvard Medical School, a few traditional ways to relax are covered: meditation, tai chi, breath, guided imagery, body scan, and prayer.  Some of these, like meditation, can help you in the moment, but can also help you stay calmer longer, by increasing your stress tolerance.

For the full article, see: https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/six-relaxation-techniques-to-reduce-stress

Another way to relax from stress is by Changing Focus.

Changing Focus is fast, easy and can include almost anything.  For instance, if you’ve been focusing on how bad the traffic is, stop thinking about it by turning on some music and listening to something that makes you feel good.  Just shifting your focus to anything else will alert your brain to work with new impressions.  But purposefully shifting our focus to something positive will have an even better effect.

See if you can try it yourself.

If you’re interested in more quick ways to calm stress, try this fun article by Shana Lebowitz.




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