The Three Parts Of Anxiety

Anxiety can be broken down into three parts: Sensations (including emotions and physical symptoms), Behaviors, and Thoughts. This is a basic construct of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Normal Anxiety is a useful reaction that's built-in to protect us. But when anxiety becomes excessive, we lose our ability to tune in correctly, and things go awry.

Sensations can be addressed by using physiological techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, muscle relaxation, yoga, physical excercise, etc. Sensations can also be addressed by becoming aware of our thoughts,habits, and history.

Behaviors are addressed when we become aware of what we're doing, and make better choices.

And finally, Thoughts, the king and queen of all that we do, can be addressed in many ways. One of the primary ways to help with our thoughts is to become aware of them. But instead of being conscious of our thoughts, we tend to be controlled by automatic thoughts, habits, and a variety of thinking errors.

Anxiety Psychotherapy, including both CBT and psychodynamic talk therapy, can help us change all these painful responses. We can learn to see what we're doing, thinking, feeling, and make the appropriate shifts to bring better health and well being.

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