Social Anxiety Social Phobia And Performance Anxiety

‘Social Anxiety’ has several names.  It’s also known as ‘Social Phobia’ as well as ‘Performance Anxiety’.  But they all have the same general symptoms- the major one being ‘a fear or anxiety revolving around social situations’.  These situations can occur with family, friends, work, neighbors, or even strangers.

Socially anxious situations always involve other people, and the fear of being judged negatively.  This fear of being judged can manifest before a social situation, after, or both.  Not a fun place to be.

According to the DSM5 (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition), for Social Anxiety, “The individual fears that he or she will act in a way or show anxiety symptoms that will be negatively evaluated (i.e., will be humiliating or embarrassing; will lead to rejection or offend others).”

A situation that can bring on social anxiety might be as small as a minor interaction with one person.  Or it can be as big as giving a presentation on stage to thousands.  But whether it seems big or small on the outside, to the person with social anxiety, it all feels terrible.

Whatever ways social anxiety may manifest itself, a person with social anxiety will fear being judged negatively in some way.  This can not only be terrifying, but it also can become paralyzing, debilitating, and a wield a big blow to self-esteem.

THE GOOD NEWS! Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, and Performance Anxiety can all be treated!
Working together, we can help you manage, reduce, and possibly even overcome your Social Anxiety.

The two major treatment modalities used are Talk Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) .

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